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At Elle Property Management, we take pride in our professional yet friendly approach to property management. As a trusted partner, we handle various responsibilities, including determining rental rates, marketing the property for rent through online platforms and signage, vetting potential residents, collecting rent, and taking care of mortgage and property tax payments, among other financial obligations.

Real estate is a high-value asset, and hiring an expert mitigates risks. Investing a percentage of your profit in professional property management is worth it to safeguard your retirement or investment property properly. With laws constantly changing, it is crucial to have an expert who can protect your investment. It also grants you the freedom to live your life and travel without being always tied down by your property. Because we solely focus on property management and do not engage in real estate sales, our attention is always dedicated to what is best for you as the property owner.

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Regular and frequent communication is a key aspect of our property management services. As a property owner, we understand that you want to ensure that your home is rented to tenants who meet specific criteria. To achieve this, we have established certain requirements for potential tenant Property management services, including a minimum credit score and no eviction record. Our goal is to find a great tenant for you by adhering to our uniform rental policies. Please refer to the documents tab for our current criteria and requirements, which you can view directly as a PDF.

We prioritize the profitability of your property by getting estimates for capital expenditures and taking care of routine bills on your behalf, such as water and garbage. Additionally, we can provide guidance on effective ways to rent your properties, including remodeling if necessary.

To ensure the well-being of your property, we conduct quarterly drive-bys and inspections, as well as an annual interior inspection. We provide you with a profit/loss statement and conveniently deposit all monies directly into your account. For transparency, we also provide copies of bills and statements, allowing you to track your expenses and see how they align with the deposited funds.

If you are ready to make your real estate investment more profitable, contact us today for a free consultation.

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